MUM's Unique Arts: LEIMU
  • MUM's Unique Arts: LEIMU
  • MUM's Unique Arts: LEIMU

MUM's Unique Arts: LEIMU

Designer : Jenni Tuominen

It's a piece of art!

Welcome to Royal Academy of MUM's Arts. All here is unique, collector's items, made with special care by our talented artisans, designed by award winning artiss and designers.


LEIMU wall rug is designed by Finnish award winning designer and artist Jenni Tuominen. She is well known for her work for Marimekko and her unique and charming style is loved by everyone, especially he Japanese who just love Jenni's style. Jenni studied in Turku Arts Academy of Visual Arts and Aalto university of Arts and Design in Helsinki.

This is a collector's item and Limited Edition of 10 pieces. Signatured.

All is traditionally handmade. At MUM's we make sure the wool we use is local and shearing process kind for the animals. No harmful mulesing technique is used, but sheep are sheared traditionally, by hand, with time. 

Kindly note each item is slightly unique, because of the handmade nature. Wool is dyed by hand and slight variations in nuances may appear. This gives the wallrug a special unique kind of soul. We make this wall rug based on order. You would need to wait for 7-10 weeks for the arrival.

But let us assure you. it is worth it.

Size about 110x150cm.

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