Pipana four Jenni Rope

Pipana four Jenni Rope

Pipana cushion is designed by Finnish artist and designer, illustrator Jenni Rope. Four ball cushion has also got another friend, a one ball cushion. Relaxing and joyful 3d weaving is inspiring and delightful. This cushion comes in many nice colours, and available also as a rug, ottoman and a stunning bag.

Mum's employes artisans living is rural villages in Northern India, Souh Africa and Bolivia. We buy each and every product and agree a fair payment in collaboration with village leader. Truth is our artisans cannot read or write, as they have never had a chance to go to school. Working for Mum's, and receving regular income they may pay for heir kids school. It is one of he proudest things.

Materials we use are local and best of quality. We make long lasting beautiful rugs and products, which last for a lifetime and longer. Sustainability is not about recycled or carefully chosen natural materials though, but products, which will not be thrown in a rubbish after a short while. High quality, skilled traditional age-old handicraft and time consuming handicraft techniques, ecoconscious mindset, fair payment, and this all combined with designs by Nordic designers and artists. That's Mum's, since 2006. We make beautiful things with a beautiful story. All handmade as far as possible, signatured oh and the wool- our sheep wander free and are sheared by hand. Slowly but kindly.

Size for PIPANA cushion is 45 x 45 cm including inner cushion which is made in Finland.

Cover is wool, backing siff coon.

May be hand washed in mild water.

Designer : Jenni Rope


Dimension (L x W x H) 45 x 45 x 10 Centimetre
Weight 2 Kilogram

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