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Kirjoitettu 12.03.2018

SOFT WALK by Stefan Nilsson – A collection of fair design wool rugs

May we proudly present something special. A stunning new collection of rugs is launched at Designgalleriet’s exhibiton in Stockholm March 14-28, 2018.

A collection of handmade wool rugs is a Nordic design collaboration with Swedish trend guru Stefan Nilsson and Finnish Mum’s. Rugs are designed by Stefan Nilsson and produced by Mum’s. 

Making of Stefan 2

Designer of the collection Soft Walk Stefan Nilsson is a famous trend expert in Sweden, also known as Trend Stefan. He is a guru looking for new trends and phenomena in decorating, design, fashion, food etc. He is the man behind the Stora Trenddagen – an annual event where design entrepreneurs, designers, media and everyone interested in trends come to learn about the biggest trends for coming season.

Stefan Nilsson is also the founder of Designgalleriet in Stockholm. Since 2008 Designgalleriet has shown Swedish and international exhibitions of fashion, interior design, industrial design, graphic design and crafts designed by both young independent designers and established design firms. After ten years Designgalleriet is entering a new phase and going to do exhibitions on a more pop up oriented manner.

And now the collection Soft Walk is launched at Designgalleriet.


Soft Walk is a collection of sustainably produced design rugs with attitude. According to Stefan Nilsson the inspiration for the name comes from urban expression and daring to take place – but also about walking softly and chill out. The name expresses the soft texture of the wool rugs, but the further meaning behind the design relates to youth and LGBTQ cultures.

The collection consists of three version of rugs with words. The typography of the words is retro, graphic and 70s like, designed to associate with disco, fun and carefree attitude. The words that the rugs consist of are swag, bruh and gurl.

stefan outi 5


Swag means to walk with stylish confidence. The origin of the word dates from the 60s when parties with LGBTQ themes were held. The abbreviation SWAG is supposed to stand for Secretly We Are Gay.” (Stefan Nilsson.)

Bruh is the thing you call your friends in a very casual way, but it is also an ironic meaning that something is evidently so. Obviously.” (Stefan Nilsson.)

Gurl is an expression you call your girlfriend, of any gender… Originally used among transvestites that were extravagant, and it was deliberately spelt as a version of “girl” as the transvestite manifests the variety of girls.” (Stefan Nilsson.)

STEFAN NILSSON MUMS PIC13 WEB lowStefan Nilsson Mums interior 12 webSTEFAN MUMs R bag jpg

The Soft Walk collection includes also mini rugs, cushion covers and bags with single letters. These products you can order customized with your own letters. Products are handmade, ethical and sustainable - and each one signed by the artisan who made it, like all Mum’s rugs.  

This colorful collection of wool rugs is absolutely charming and cheerful. Stylish Nordic design which make you smile.


Photos: Stefan Nilsson & team

Written by: Henna / MUM's