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Lumi means snow. This cushion is beautifully handmade, high quality wool, natural lke wool naturally. Handmade by artisans living in Northern India in a small rural village, where artisans may work from home, save travel cost to work and take care of their families.

Wool is always locally produced. Sheep wander free and are sheared traditionally by hand. Absolutely no mulesing is used, as Mum's heart lies on being kind for human and animals. Design by Mum's original. Size for sofa cushion 45 x 45 and Big Floor cushion 60 x 60cm. Inner cushion for size 45 x 45 is made in Finland and includes in price. Large floor cushion is sold without inner cushion- ( visit Ikea! <3 )

Every item is signatured by the person who made it.

This is wool, friends.

Thank You.

Designer : MUM's Original design


Mitat (P x L x K) 45 x 45 x 40 Centimetre
Paino 2.5 Kilogram

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